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Product introduction

Half soft semi-rigig cable series adopts special structure design and advanced production technology, make the cable in the range of frequencies has excellent electric and mechanical performance, and has a high cost performance.

Electrical performance, signal transmission rate of 70%, but also has low loss, low standing wave ratio, high shielding efficiency etc.

Mechanical performance, due to the cable with flat ribbon weaving, make the series cable has a strong ability to resist torsion.

Environmental resistance, the cable is environmental performance excellent raw material, has the use of wide temperature range, corrosion resistance, mouldproof moistureproof, flame retardant, etc.

Apply to have higher request for phase consistency of the whole system, such as: early warning, guidance, tactical radar and information communication, electronic countermeasure of military equipment and remote sensing, satellite communications, microwave test system, etc.

Structure that

1. The inner conductor: the single core silver plating.

In the case of the same diameter order core inner conductor have lower losses, under the condition of bending have better mechanical phase stability.

2. Insulation: using ordinary PTFE, signal transmission rate was 70%.

Block 3. Shield: the use of three layer structure, the shielding layer with silver plated copper tape weaving, middle is polyimide film around the package, the outer shield with silver plated copper wire weaving.

This kind of structure with low loss, high block, and has the strong ability of torsion.

4. The sheath: the environment to adapt to the superior performance of FEP or PFA, make the cable has high environmental adaptability.

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