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SFF Flexible Cable

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 SFF 系列属于半柔性电缆

SFF series belongs to half a flexible cable, its outer conductor USES high density round wire braided structure of tin plating.

Because of the shielding layer after the tin plating is close to 100% coverage, cable has good shielding performance, make its have the use of high frequency band and good performance indicators.

Block after the tin plating layer with good bending formability, suitable for repeated bending and forming has certain adjustment, is often used to replace "semi-rigid cable".

Electrical performance, the use of high frequency, voltage standing wave ratio is small, high shielding efficiency.

Mechanical performance, high density round wire weaving tin outer conductor of cable has strong bending tensile strength and good formability.

Resistance to environmental aspects, due to the cable inner and outer conductor and insulation parts characteristics of raw materials, determines the environmental adaptability of the cable is very strong (65 ℃ ~ + 165 ℃), corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, but different outer sheath material also determines the cable have different environment adaptability.

Has good flexibility, low attenuation, standing wave is small, the third order intermodulation index is good wait for a characteristic, so the cable can replace half of steel cable in most situations, and is widely used in radio equipment, microwave communications, microwave measuring equipment, mobile communications equipment, antenna, base stations, and other fields.

Structure that

1. The inner conductor: single silver plated copper wire or single silver plated copper clad steel wire.

2. Insulation: solid PTFE.

The transmission rate: 70%.

3. The outer conductor: using high density round wire braided structure of tin plating.

Shielding layer of tin plating after 100% coverage of the cable has good shielding performance, but also reduces the outer conductor of cable loss, makes use of high frequency band and good performance index within the full frequency.

4. Sheath: according to customer requirements.

The specifications

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