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Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Cable

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Polyethylene insulation series cable refers to using solid or polyethylene foamed coaxial cable as an insulator.

Using foaming polyethylene insulation, transmission rate can reach more than 70%, with a soft resistance to bending, anti-interference, broadband transmission characteristics.

As a system of transmission and cables are widely used in CCTV, CATV, HFC, (such as in the system.

Structure that

1. The inner conductor: using multi-fiber or single conductor.

Has good softness and bending resistance.

2. Insulation: the solid or foaming polyethylene insulation.

3. The shielding layer: in woven copper or tin plated copper wire, and the aluminum foil and copper or tinned copper wire braided structure, strong anti-jamming capability.

4. The sheath: the PE or PVC, etc., make the cable has high environmental adaptability.

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